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Request for Public Records


    The City of Avenal does not maintain a centralized record keeping system. Each City Department maintains their own records. Requests to inspect and copy public records, which are not otherwise immediately available to the public, should be made directly to the responsible department, agency head, commission, committee secretary or to an identified designee.  

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  3. In order for the City to provide a timely and complete response, please provide as much detailed information as possible regarding the records you seek, such as:

    - the people, places and/or things the records involve such as names, addresses, case names, and case numbers.

    - the date or date range of the records; and

    - the office, division, branch or section of the Department that created or maintains the records.

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    Please Indicate what Departments you would like request to go to for the information requested. 

  5. Pursuant to the Public Records Act, certain records are not subject to disclosure. The City Clerk, upon request for a copy of record(s), shall determine within 10 days from the receipt of request whether the record is responsive in accordance with the Public Records Act.

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