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Posted on: July 11, 2018

New Temporary Job Opportunity at the City


Applications are now being accepted for a temporary part-time position as a Animal Shelter Technician funded by a PetSmart Charities grant.

Part-time Animal Shelter Technician

This position is temporary while funding is available with no benefits. Animal Shelter Technicians assist in the overall care of all the animals within the shelter. Under the direction of the Animal Control Officer II, Animal Shelter Technicians provide for the continual cleaning of cages, runs, outside yards and public areas as well as the proper feeding and care of all shelter animals. Responsibilities will vary based on the current needs of the shelter. All Animal Care Technicians are expected to exhibit a positive and professional attitude.

Essential Functions include but are not limited to the following duties:

Socialize animals according to established protocols. Thoroughly clean and disinfect all areas of the shelter and maintain sanitary conditions of kennels, cages, grounds, equipment, and facilities. Observe animal appearance and activity for general physical condition, obvious signs of illness, disease and discontent. Report signs of illness, disease, injury, unusual conditions or abnormal behavior of any shelter animal immediately to the Animal Control Officers. Take charge and/or handle animals as required and to restrain hard to control animals. Walk dogs several times a day to provide exercise and time for elimination of bowels and bladder. Release animals to their owners as directed. Assist with the day to day chores of the shelter. This may include but is not limited to stocking of supplies, cleaning of all Shelter areas, taking out the garbage, maintenance of equipment and other duties as assigned. All stool material and any garbage must be picked up and removed to the nearest waste receptacle. Work with and train dogs and cats to gain basic handling skills. Provides guidance to public on animal care. Receive, identify, care for, separate and release various wild or domestic animals which have been taken into custody. Assist veterinarians and veterinary technicians by giving vaccinations, preventive care and basic first aid care. Observe sick, exotic, quarantined, and injured animals and record their condition. Feed and provide water to impounded animals. Assist in the office by answering telephones, responding to inquiries from the public regarding care, retention, and disposal of animals. Maintain simple records related to daily animal care and conditions and inventories of animals, food, supplies and equipment utilizing database software. Bathe, groom, and prepare animals available for adoption. Communicate any needs for facilities maintenance or restocking of Shelter supplies. Ensure Visitors are assisted properly. Maintain a “team work” ethic among all staff and volunteers and stress courtesy, respect and integrity always. Assist in the identification of potential “goodwill” shelter stories and provide such information to the Animal Control Officers.

Skills and Knowledge:

Apply knowledge and skills in controlling/handling individual animal temperament. Have ability to gain animal confidence when restraining them for transport, grooming and/or treatment. Housekeeping and laundry duties for all areas. Ability to write and maintain reports in a clear and understandable manner. Knowledge of common diseases, their symptoms and means of transmission, administration of oral medications, assessment of change in animal status.

Physical Demands:

Required to stand, walk, squat, stoop, and bend for long periods. Often requires lifting and carrying materials weighing up to 50 lbs. and handle animals weighing up to 150 lbs. Strength or agility in capturing and restraining stronger, more active animals. Hand and finger dexterity. Occasionally required to safely intervene in the event of a dog fight.

Working Conditions:

Work is normally performed inside; some outside work is required. Exposure to unpleasant odors and noises. Noise level is moderate to occasionally loud. Exposure to bites, scratches and animal wastes. Possible exposure to contagious diseases.


Knowledge of:

Cleaning and disinfecting methods and the use and care of cleaning materials and equipment. Proper methods of animal restraint.

Ability To:

Use cleaning materials and equipment with skill and efficiency. Perform moderately heavy physical labor. Learn to administer medications and recognize abnormal conditions. Recognize animals in distress. Understand and carry out oral and written directions.

Required Qualifications:

Knowledge of basic animal behavior. Previous experience in an Animal Shelter or related field preferred.

Education: High School Diploma.



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