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Posted on: December 19, 2017

Avenal General Plan 2035 Draft

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California State law requires each city and county to adopt a general plan "for the physical development of the county or city, and any land outside its boundaries which bears relation to its planning" (Section 65300). The California Supreme Court has called the General Plan the "constitution for future development." Avenal's General Plan expresses the community's development goals and embodies public policy relative to the distribution of future land uses, both public and private. State law specifies that each General Plan address seven issue areas: land use, circulation, open space, conservation, housing, safety, and noise.

The Avenal General Plan provides comprehensive planning for the future. It encompasses what the City is now, what it intends to be, and provides the overall framework of how to achieve this future condition. Estimates are made about future population, household types and employment, so that plans for land use, circulation and public facilities can be made to meet future needs. The General Plan represents an agreement on the fundamental values and a vision that is shared by the residents and the business community of Avenal and the surrounding area of interest. Its purpose is to provide decision makers and staff of the City of Avenal with direction for confronting present issues, as an aid in coordinating planning issues with other governmental agencies, and for navigating the future.

You may find our December 5th 2017 Draft General Plan here.

 You can also take a look at the Draft General Plan 2035 at: www.avenalgeneralplan.org 

We are still refining the plan and we want to hear from you! For any questions or comments, please contact Antony Lopez, Associate Planner for the City of Avenal, or call (559) 386-5782

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