My Utility Bill

Pay your bill online with debit, credit, or eCheck by clicking the Paymentus link here. You may call us or use your bill to input the total payment you are submitting. Please use the account number/service address listed on your Utility Bill. Additionally, please note that the digits following the dash at the end of your account number are the serial number for your account. The serial number holds two-digit numbers, but in the case that the value is less than ten your bill only prints one. As such, you will have to add a zero after the dash if your account ends with a number less than 10. For examples see below:

Account Number on Bill: 99999999-1       Account Number you will enter on Paymentus: 99999999-01

Account Number on Bill: 55555555-1       Account Number you will enter on Paymentus: 55555555-01

Paymentus Online Payment

To pay by Phone you may call 1-833-277-8717 

This is an automated system and you will need all your account information and balance on hand. Please remember to add a zero to your account's serial number if the number after the dash is less than 9.

Account number on Bill: 01000002-5      Account number you will use: 010000002-05