Business License Fees

*An Application Processing Fee of $55.00 is due upon submittal for New Businesses*

Renewals have a Processing Fee of $29.00 upon submittal

License Tax for fixed place businesses located within the City of Avenal pay an annual tax based on gross receipts. Gross Receipts must be presented in order to renew a business license. Fees start at $30 for up to $4,000 in gross receipts, and increase by $1.00 per $1,000 thereafter. You can use the following table below for fixed places of business as a reference below. 

On September 12, 2012, Governor Brown signed into law SB-1186 which adds a state fee of $4.00 on every application or renewal of a business license (Or equivalent instrument). This new law is effective January 1, 2018 through December 31, 2023. This law requires all cities and counties within California to collect the $4.00 State Fee. 

Total Fee is Calculated as Follows: Processing fee (New Application $55.00/Renewals $29.00) + License Tax + State Fee = Total Fee

If you are operating the business from your home within city limits, you must first obtain a Home Occupation Permit. You may contact the planning department

Some types of businesses may be required to pay a background check fee. The Police Department will perform a background check before any license is issued.

Fixed Place of Business (ESTIMATES Please apply for Correct Business License Tax Certificate Costs)

Annual Gross Business Receipts Fee Type Fee Amount
$0 - $ 4,000 


$4,001 - $5,000 



$23,001 - $24,000



$33,001 - $34,000



$63,001 - $64,000



$123,001 - $124,000 



$283,001 - $284,000



$483,001 - $484,000 



$963,001 - $ 964,000



$1,003,001 - $1,004,000



Non-Fixed Place of Business

Business Type Fee Type Fee Amount
General Contractor Annual $80.00
Automobile for hire Semi-annual $45.00 (per vehicle)
Bail Bond Broker Semi-annual $90.00
Bingo Games (Non-profit only) Annual $45.00
Bootblacks Semi-annual $7.50
Card Room Dealer Annual $40.00
Card Room License Quarterly $75.00 (up to two tables)
$40.00 each addt'l. table
Fortune Teller Semi-annual $95.00
Pawn Brokers Semi-annual $95.00
House Moving Annual $50.00
Junk Dealers and Wreckers Annual/Daily $275.00/$10.00
Newspaper Distribution Annual $45.00
Other Annual $145.00

Mobile Vendors

Business Type

Fee Type

Fee Amount
Mobile Vendor Annual $425.00

One-Day / Special Event Concessions

Permit Type Fee Type Fee Amount
Event Concessions Daily $20.00