City Manager

The position of Avenal City Manager was created and established by Ordinance in 1980 after Avenal's incorporation in September 1979.

The City Manager is the administrative head of City Government under the direction and control of the City Council; and, is responsible for the administration of all affairs of the City which are under his/her control.  In addition to the general powers as administrative head, he/she has the following powers and duties (but not limited to):

  • Law Enforcement
  • Direction of officers and employees
  • Appointment of officers and employees (as per Personnel System Rules)
  • Reorganization of offices, positions and departments
  • Recommendation of adoption of laws
  • Attendance at City Council meetings
  • Preparation of budgets, salary plans and financial reports
  • Expenditure control and purchasing
  • Supervision of public property
  • Recommendations and oversight of franchises, permits and licenses
  • Preparation of reports and recommendations to the City Council
  • Provide leadership
  • Performance of additional duties as directed by the City Council